WFA Reviews Ringside Productions PEMF/Magnawave Therapy

If you’re involved in the Arabian show circuit like we are, you’ve certainly seen the different vendors offering chiropractic, massage and even acupuncture sessions for your horses at Class A shows, Regionals and Nationals.

While we typically have our horses chiropractically adjusted (and often see positive results), we just started using PEMF/Magnawave Therapy this past show season. And boy, did we see some major improvements!

What is PEMF Treatment or Magnawave Therapy?

If you’re not familiar with what Magnawave is, Magnawave or PEMF is a pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy machine that is used in the treatment of horses (and humans!) to manage pain, swelling, and in some cases range of motion.

Essentially, the Magnawave machine uses electro-magnetic pulses to stimulate the muscles. It helps improve circulation by opening capillaries and reduces pain/swelling and also reduces lactic acid build up.

Depending on which way you hold the hose and band, the pulses can be sent horizontally into the muscle or vertically into the muscle; stimulating different areas and treating groups of muscles as well as specific areas.

Our Experience with PEMF Therapy

Tony Reid, of Ringside Productions, stopped by our stalls during the IAHA Summer Classic toting a large-ish box on wheels, with a snakey hose looped around his arm. Skippy, our resident walk-trot horse, had been a little stiff in his right shoulder and we were interested in trying something different.

Tony greeted Skip and began to unwind the hose and plug the PEMF machine in. Generally speaking, Skippy is a very calm, mild mannered and easily approachable horse. Tony was the ultimate professional and made sure that Skip was as comfortable as possible with the Magnawave hose before turning the machine on.

He started with the lowest pulse setting and started slowly moving the band over Skippy’s back and shoulders. As Tony got closer to the area we thought was bothering Skip the most, we could visibly see the muscle “jumping”. This was good, Tony explained, we know now that this is for sure the area that is bothering him, and we’ll make sure to focus on this area again after we treat the rest of his neck, back & legs.

The pulse setting was increased and Tony continued to rest the band on different areas of Skippy’s body. Some time had passed and Skippy’s head was totally dropped and relaxed - he was nearly sleeping! Tony ran the band back over to Skip’s right shoulder and neck, where he seemed to be in the most pain and discomfort and focused on that area specifically for a few more minutes. Skip visibly relaxed and enjoyed the entire treatment, often licking his lips and dropping his head.

The entire process lasted about 20 minutes. Tony explained that you don’t want to over-do the therapy sessions and that Skippy would probably be pretty tired after having the PEMF treatment. He also explained that we would notice an increase in Skippy’s water intake, which is a positive result of the treatment as water flushes out all of the body’s toxins.

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Being the type of horse people we are, we of course wanted to feel exactly what Skippy had felt during his PEMF therapy session. Tony obliged and we all got to try a few minutes of the pulse therapy. The best way any of us could describe the sensation is like receiving tiny little jolts to your muscles and that you’re essentially watching your muscles involuntarily twitch - which can be unnerving. But it is 100% worth it for the end result. We all felt amazing and all of our clients have since tried the therapy and loved it as well.

PEMF Therapy - Results

The next day in the warm up ring, Skippy wasn’t sore or tight at all on his right side. He was able to bend without pain and was picking up his inside shoulder better than he had before we had gotten down to the show! Tony explained that these are the results he is most happy to see. And that although they wouldn’t be permanent with a combination of chiropractic and magnawave therapy, we could see some longer lasting results at home.

Since Tony stopped by the first time, we have asked him to treat almost all of our performance horses. Most recently, he treated one of our more nervous Arabians (who absolutely despises hoses) and Tony was able to keep him calm and relaxed and complete the entire treatment - twice over the span of 4 days! The results of the PEMF on this horse were even more noticeable.

Often people are hesitant to try new treatments, however our horses are a testimony to the proven results!

We cannot say enough good things about Tony and Ringside Productions. If you’re interested in trying out PEMF therapy, we highly suggest you contact Ringside Productions and see if they are coming to a show near you!