WFA Reviews: Mane Event Promotions

Have you ever tried to get an artistic photo of your horse, only to have them looking totally un-horse like in the finished product?

Or how about attend a horse show and attempt to get some great candids only to have all of your photos come out blurry and darker than the scary end of the arena?

We think every equestrian has been there at some point in their life. And that’s where the need for incredibly patient, horse loving, dedicated and talented horse show photographers came from.

If you’re in the market for equine event photography or someone local to take pictures of your sale offerings, look no further than Mane Event Promotions.

Hannah is one of the most artistically talented horse show photographers that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting & working with. She has taken so many great shots of our riders & horses at many of AHA’s Region 11 shows last year.

Hannah’s work speaks for itself, she pays an incredible amount of attention to the smallest of details. She knows exactly what shots to take (and when) and has the unique ability to make even the most candid of shots shine with her professionalism & artistic skill.

Hannah is always fair in the ring and gives everyone their unique opportunity to shine through her camera. She goes out of her way to get that extra special photo, just because she knows it will light up someone’s face when they get to see it after the day is done.

Working with Hannah as a horse show photographer is always easy and painless. Looking for your class shots after a crazy day of showing? BOOM - there they are, up on the website mere hours after the show is done for the day!

Ordering digital downloads is a breeze and we love sharing them on social media and our website. We also order prints through her at every show we attend, and it seems like we receive them almost immediately!

Hannah, we absolutely adore you and the work that you do. You’re an amazing asset to the Arabian community in Illinois, as well as to the entire equestrian community.

If you’re a horse person and you’re looking for equine event photography or a horse show photographer for your upcoming season, you can reach out to Hannah & Mane Event Promotions @